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Superguy vs the Teen Terrors

28 pages, Black & White, US$8.99
Shrinking Men, Giantess
Artwork by Rebecca

A fun giantess / shrinking man comic by Rebecca, the master (mistress?) of erotic art!

Story Summary: Sexy teens Kaylee and Tess have a giantess fetish –they’d love to see big, super-powerful Superguy reduced to a helpless tiny guy. Luckily they have a shrinking ray! Each zap of the shrink ray reduces Superguy to half his height, from six feet to three feet to barely knee high and below. As he dwindles the girls get ever more aroused, until the once all-powerful super hero becomes a helpless sex toy!

The comic also includes 6 great pages of classic Pulp Covers with Giantess themes by Rebecca!


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